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The good news for them is that this high-profile job will no longer be held by a Briton; the bad news is that Mr Faull's French is rather better than Mr Kemppinen's.

The fact that the key 's corridors and meeting rooms.

For a country like France, with its own distinct intellectual traditions in economics, philosophy and law, such a trend is understandably galling.

These days, however, ambitious young Europeans need to perfect their English and so tend to polish off their education in Britain or the United States, where they are exposed to Anglo-Saxon ideas.

Despite recent avowals of undying Franco-German friendship made by the two countries' governments, fewer and fewer French and German children are learning each other's languages.

The trend is the same in the countries about to join the .

But the grip of English will tighten still more next year, when the Union will take in ten more countries, mainly from central Europe.

The commission is planning to recruit over 3,000 Eurocrats from the former communist block.

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Mariya Gabriel, Member of the EC, participates at the Safer Internet Day 2018 event in Strasbourg Mariya Gabriel, Member of the EC in charge of Digital Economy and Society participates at the Safer Internet Day 2018...