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Techniques that can build Attraction: There is no single, magical solution for finding love.Nevertheless, there are some behaviors and techniques that make finding and keeping love more likely.So, if I am unable to respond to questions, or writing takes a little longer, please don't take it personally.I will continue to write and respond as much as my time and health allow. I get a number of questions from readers about pick-up artists, game, and seduction techniques. Can you really use a technique get "someone to fall in love with you".."go to bed with you"?3) However, more work needs to be done identifying those specific techniques and testing them.

This too is supported by psychological research, noting that individuals often feel sexual interest more acutely after the establishment of emotional intimacy and the activation of various brain chemicals (particularly oxytocin). "In conclusion, it would see clear that there is in fact a substantive degree of psychological research to support many claims made by the [Seduction] Community.

There are a couple of take-home points from this review.

1) Human courtship (dating, relationship, and sex) is a predictable process, with set stages of development.

In other words, it is the initial emotion that draws two people together.

Both psychology and pick-up artists stress building attraction as the first step toward relationship and sexual development.

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Is love just one trick, technique, or pick-up line away? Any technique, tactic, or dating strategy is not a fool-proof, never-fail, approach. However, "game", "seduction", "rules" and other approaches can make someone more likely to like you, love you, and want to take you home. This topic was explored by a recent article by Oesch and Miklousic (2012) in the journal of Evolutionary Psychology.

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