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It was his job to drive around town to check on Morales and other janitors who worked for a subsidiary of ABM Industries Inc., the largest cleaning company in the country.The janitors he oversaw mostly worked solo, at low-slung offices and health clinics across Bakersfield, in California’s Central Valley.She’d catch her distorted reflection in the window, though she knew there was only darkness on the other side of the glass.“There’s no one to ask for help when certain things happened and you screamed,” she said. And there are certain places where there are no cameras. There’s nobody.” During her shift, the only person she’d often come into contact with was her supervisor.Todavía no hay una fecha confirmada pero se cree que el primer aumento llegaría en febrero.Más de cuatrocientos invitados fueron parte del evento más espectacular del verano en la provincia mediterránea. Estuvieron presentes los artistas de las principales obras que se lucen en la temporada.Una vez hecho esto hay que hacer click en Cargar SUBE, que aparece en el menú desplegable de la pantalla de inicio.Se estima que habrá una suba de entre un 50% y un 100% en la tarifa de colectivos y trenes a raíz de la reducción de subsidios.

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He’d sneak up behind her to grab her breasts, she said, and stare at her while saying things like, “You are so delicious.” Morales regularly pleaded with him to stop, and he laughed at her. “I didn’t have another income for myself and my two children. “I would yell and nobody would hear me, nobody could see me.” He groped her and grabbed her by the hair. Vasquez laughed and left suddenly before he got her shirt completely off. When Vasquez’s cousin wanted to know why she was leaving the job, Morales told him that Vasquez was “doing things that he shouldn’t be doing and you know it.” In fact, it wasn’t just his cousin who had been warned about Vasquez’s behavior.

So I hoped it would change.” That warm September night in 2005, Morales was vacuuming the first floor of the bank when Vasquez appeared like a ghost, she said. To this day, she’s not sure how she defended herself. Company officials had reason to believe they had a predator on their hands.

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These were conditions that Morales said her supervisor, a broad-shouldered man with salt-and-pepper hair named José Vasquez, chose to abuse.